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Social planning

The activities of this working group have come to and end with our mandate having been fulfilled. The development of a community services directory has been a major achievement of this group. The directory provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on all services provided in the region and can be accessed at directory.swmpf.org 

Social planning is founded on the principles of social justice (equity, access, participation and rights) and aims to enhance community well being and effectiveness… (It) plays a pivotal role in creating liveable communities, vibrant economies, sustainable places, diverse cultural expression and social cohesion.

leadership group picPlanning Institute Australia

This SWMPF project is about improving planning tools across the region of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville and empowering residents to make informed choices on services. It is concerned with collating and sharing comparable local data and service information to support the SWMPF in its efforts to provide all members of the community with the opportunity to access the services they need.

SWMPF working group implementing this project 

Nominations to the working group opened at the SWMPF Planning Day on 1 April and the first meeting was convened on 26 May 2014. The membership of the working group currently comprises:

Chair:  WAPHA

The SWMPF is indebted to the Department of Local Government and Communities, and in particular Michael Bosley-Smith and Yayoi Ikeda, for their support of the service mapping component of this project.

The roles and responsibilities of the working group members are provided in the Terms of Reference Social Planning Working Group


planning day

Dylan Smith, Executive Officer of the Fremantle Foundation, reviews the many pages of recommendations made at the SWMPF’s Planning Day for the consideration of the Social Planning working group


Shared project outcomes

The SWMPF working group has agreed to work together to deliver the following project outcomes:

To find out how the working group is monitoring its progress in achieving these outcomes, check out Social Planning outcomes and indicators

pd pic

Jo McKay (City of Melville), Claire Heffernan (Youth Justice) and Russ Eldean, WA Police, at the SWMPF Planning Day


Action plan – how the SWMPF is working to deliver its shared outcomes

The group’s action plan focuses on increasing awareness (residents’ and service providers’) of available services, service needs, gaps and duplications.  It is working to achieve this by:

planning for the future

Planning for their future


Achievements to date include:


davis park map

For the first time comprehensive community profiles are available.



Posters and brochures promoting the SWMPF’s My Community Directory
are being widely distributed in the region

Follow the SWMPF’s progress

Updates on the progress of the SWMPF in implementing its collaborative response to this project will be provided on this page. To view the minutes of the working group’s meetings, please click below as appropriate:

In July 2017, the Social Planning project was closed as it had achieved it’s mandate.