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Think Tank

Are you involved in a multi-agency intervention?

Have you reached a dead end?


The Imagined Futures Think Tank designed to break down barriers to service coordination is now open for business!

All members are eligible to refer cases to the Think Tank

The Co-ordination of Wrap Around Services (CWS) working group set up a Think Tank to support agencies that are encountering systemic barriers to the delivery of a seamless service to their clients. If you (or a member of your agency) have a client whose needs are not being met as a result of a systemic barrier, then as a member of the Imagined Futures you are eligible to put in a referral to the Think Tank!

The Think Tank draws on the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives of the Imagined Futures membership to become a problem-solver of last resort.  The purpose of the Think Tank is to endeavour to provide you with innovative responses and recommendations to break down the barrier/s you are encountering.

For more information on the Think Tank and the referral process please review the guidelines below.

We look forward to hearing from you!



The establishment of a Think Tank was an agreed outcome of the South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum’s (SWMPF) / Imagined Futures project to improve the Coordination of Wrap-Around Services for Individuals with Multiple Needs (CWS).

The Think Tank seeks to address the systemic barriers that are impeding the delivery of a seamless service to clients with multiple needs. To that end, the Think Tank works to develop innovative strategies and recommendations to overcome these hurdles, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the broad range of stakeholders.

The Think Tank deals only with referrals from service providers that have identified systemic barriers impeding the delivery of positive outcomes for their clients.

The members of the Imagined Futures Leadership Group (and/or their delegates) will be invited to participate in the Think Tank.


The Think Tank is concerned with addressing systemic barriers to the coordination of services for individuals with multiple and complex needs. It offers a process for proposing broad options and ideas, rather than a service oriented entity. As such, it encourages creative and innovative thinking to overcome systemic barriers rather than diagnostic problem solving.

The Think Tank, therefore, either makes a recommendation to overcome the identified systemic barrier or, where the removal of that systemic barrier would require a policy change, the Think Tank will draw on the Imagined Futures’ advocacy role to effect that change. This kind of advocacy work aligns with the broader aims of Imagined Futures.

Operational Guidelines

Membership of the Think Tank

Process for making referrals to the Think Tank

How to make a referral

Email enquiries, call Judy Walls on 9430 4159 or submit the online referral form.

The Think Tank meeting

Responsibilities of the referring agency


Think Tank cycle


Referral Form

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